Change autofocus when creating a new element

Hello everyone, when creating a new element from the context pad menu next to the selected block, the focus is on the newly created element, the question is, can I make it so that when creating a new element, the focus goes to the arrow leading to this element, and not to the element itself?

desired behavior in screenshot:

The behaviour responsible for this is AutoPlaceSelectionBehavior. To achieve this you can:

  1. disable this behaviour:
additionalModules: [{
    autoPlaceSelectionBehavior: ['value', null]
  1. create a similar behaviour that selects the connection instead
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I have to connect the module I wrote through moddleExtensions ?

 moddleExtensions: {
       custom: customModdleExtension,

Ultimately, my solution looks like this
I created a file with the name Customautoplaceselectionbehavior and inserted the following code into it

export default function AutoPlaceSelectionBehavior(eventBus, selection) {
    eventBus.on('autoPlace.end', 500, (e) => {

AutoPlaceSelectionBehavior.$inject = ['eventBus', 'selection']

Then wrapped everything in the index file

import CustomAutoPlaceSelectionBehavior from './CustomAutoPlaceSelectionBehavior'

export default {
    __init__: [ 'customAutoPlaceSelectionBehavior'],
    customAutoPlaceSelectionBehavior: ['type', CustomAutoPlaceSelectionBehavior],

and then imported into my modeller
*Do not forget to disable the standard service behavior

bpmnViewerRef.current = new Modeler({
            keyboard: {
                bindTo: document,
            moddleExtensions: {
                custom: customModdleExtension,
            additionalModules: [{ autoPlaceSelectionBehavior: ['value', null] }],  // here

Thanks for the help, I hope this turns out to be useful to someone!

You should add it to additionalModules. moddleExtensions should be used for meta-model extensions.

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