Catch new object when type of task has changed

Hello everyone, i am using BPM editor and eventBus for listen when i click on a task to make some behaviors. Indeed when i click on it, i want to detect when i change the type of Task (for Business Rule Task), and at this moment i would catch the new object corresponding to my “Business Rule Task” to make some other behaviors.

For moment, i detect the click of an element, i detect when type has changed for “Business Rule Task” and after this, i want to save a JSON into the Documentation of the Business Rule Task, but i cant because my clicked object is the Task clicked before… heeeelp please :frowning:

Thanks a lot

Please share an actual example of what you’re doing (piece of code, HTML snippet, screencast). This way we can relate to what you’re doing / trying to achieve and help you in a specific manner.