Canvas zoom throws exception on firefox

I am using bpmn-js (v 7.4.1)
I am using this code to fit diagram zoom
This works correctly on Chrome, but throws this exception on Firefox

Uncaught TypeError: SVGMatrix.scale: Argument 1 is not a finite floating-point value.
    viewbox Canvas.js:825
    _changeViewbox Canvas.js:713
    viewbox Canvas.js:821
    _fitViewport Canvas.js:949
    zoom Canvas.js:883
    registerModelerEventListeners workflow-editor.component.ts:288
    loadDiagram workflow-editor.component.ts:232
    configureWidget workflow-editor.component.ts:188

Any idea how can I fix this error on Firefox ?

It’s hard to help you without knowing the context. For further assistance, please share a CodeSandbox that reproduces your issue in a way that we can inspect it.

Have you attached this bpmn-js instance to the DOM? If not, this is the error you get.

Please clarify more what you mean ?

Are you using some kind of UI library like React? When creating a bpmn-js instance make sure it’s actually attached to the DOM before using any of its functionality. If you’re just creating it attached to a DOM element that you created but didn’t actually append to the DOM things won’t work.

I am using Angular actually, this is my source code (summarized) and it works correctly with Chrome but on Firefox it throws the exception

this.modeler = new BpmnModeler(....);

importXML is asynchronous. You need to wait for the import to finish to call zoom:

await this.modeler.importXML(...);

// We're ready
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I used
this.modeler.importXML(..).then(() => this.modeler.get("canvas").zoom("fit-viewport"))
and make other code ordering and this could solve the problem
Thank you