Can't Implement Custom Properties

Hello guys, I’ve been trying to add the custom properties panel to my React/TS app and it just doesn’t seem to work…

I’m positive the problem is in the “EntryFactory”, or lack there of, so I’m wondering how was entryFactory.textField replaced? What should I use?

Right now, you’ve got a “this.getTabs” function in your MagicPropertiesProvider, like in the example. You didn’t include your package.json in your git, but the more recent version of bpmn-js-properties-panel doesn’t have tabs - I’m guessing you put in a more recent version than the example. Instead you should implement getGroups, something like this:

this.getGroups = function(element){
  return function(groups){
    return createMagicTabGroups(element, translate)

(replacing the this.getTabs) which returns the groups instead.

Edit: Just saw your update, and I realized you’re following the example on the old branch. Check the Master branch in the example, which has the updated code.