Cant add description to user task

If to be more clear i did add it here it is bpmn:documentationSome text for testing</bpmn:documentation>. but on get call i get json object with “description”: null. So maybe some body knows what is the problem. I used modeler and Eclipse same problem.

I have literally no idea what you are trying to achieve.

Please answer the following questions and we may be able to help you:

  • Which setup are you referring to? (using bpmn-js as a viewer, modeler, …)
  • What did you try? (code snippets; concrete steps to reproduce)
  • What was the expected behavior?
  • What was the actual behavior and why is it wrong? (again: code snippets / console logs are helpful)

If your question is about Camunda Modeler and/or Camunda BPM, please ask here:
And please be more specific than in your first post.