Cannot translate elements in properties panel

Last few days im working with bpmn (version 16.3.2). Your library is excellent and it is so pleasant using it. :heart_eyes:
But I have a problem. Im using translations in my diagram. It works everywhere, except the properties panel.
I figured out that in source code, elements that cannot be translated, are not in any method, so i think , without your help/update it i cant do anything, because all my translations are right and there are no typos or anything like this :confused: .

Screenshots from dev tools in chrome
:white_check_mark: For example - working translate of “Append text annotation”
:x: For not working, e.g. “Task definition” there is nothing like this in source code. There is only this

:information_source: Below I paste all elements that i spotted they don’t work. Thank you in advance for your help

We may lack some places where we don’t properly translate yet. Within our codebase we use the translate(...) helper to do actual translation. Example for Documentation section that you’re able to translate.

If you want to you can contribute to translate the missing pieces in the bpmn-js-properties-panel project.

Thank you.
Can you tell me in which file i can add missing panel properties translations?

That (unfortunately) depends on where you use them. Please open a bug report on the bpmn-js-properties-panel repository regarding this and we’ll be able to take it from there.

A simple test is to provide a custom translate function to replace all translations with a placeholder character, i.e.:

function customTranslate(template, replacements) {
  return '🙂';

const editor = new BpmnEditor({
  additionalModules: [
      translate: [ 'value', customTranslate ]

I created a draft PR to see what the current status of translations is.

We may pick this up in the near future.