Cannot open Diagram

Hi,I can’t open Diagram. What is the problem ?

BP-2 основной процесс DVG.bpmn (2.0 MB)

Thanks for sharing the diagram. Seems like there are some characters that destroy the XML structure


Where did you export that diagram?

I exported the diagram inside to my laptop , for some reason many files were damaged when exporting the diagram from Never had such problems before

We’d love to reproduce this issue. If you could share with us the original diagram?

I have only 3 files with this scheme that don’t open
BP-2 основной процесс DVG.bpmn (2.0 MB)
diagram (15).bpmn (2.1 MB)

I think we miss understood each other. Does there exist a version that does still open (before you opened it on the demo? I’d need to get hold on that version to see if / how we break things.