Cannot build and start up basic Modeler: Could not find Chrome

I try to build and run the modeler locally. I follow the README setup of npm install (no problem) and then npm run all. This results in the following error:

Error in config file!
Error: Could not find Chrome (ver. 117.0.5938.149). This can occur if either
1. you did not perform an installation before running the script (e.g. `npm install`) or
2. your cache path is incorrectly configured (which is: /home/xxx/.cache/puppeteer).

Yet, in the mentioned cache directory, there is a chrome directory containing a zip file which seems to be for chrome in the requested version. Thus, I rule out 1. because I ran npm install just fine and 2. because the cache directory seems correct.

I use node v18 on a Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS Windows Subsystem.

Any ideas how to get it up and running?

This can happen if you have a cached Chrome version from some other puppeteer installation there which looks the same, but is not.

I don’t know when the puppeteer folks plan to fix this. But for now the resolution would be to clear the puppeteer cache directory and re-install.

Much appreciated! I deleted the chrome zip inside the cache and cloned and reinstalled bpmn-js. This fixed it

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