Cannot access the elementRegistry

Hi to the Team, the users and supporters!

I am currently trying to access the elementRegistry. I already used the main approach here from the forum without success. My starting point is the bpmn-js modeler example from github.


var elementRegistry = modeler.get('elementRegistry');

Console output:

The console output says that there is an elementRegistry object which is filled with subobjects. So I should be able to access them with the get() function. But as you can see the result is undefined.
I am really clueless. Has anyone observed something similar?


As a general procedure we’d like to understand what you’re trying to achieve first. So: What is your goal?

Hey nikku,

First step: I have a camunda:inputParameter in the XML structure and want to extract this parameter from the XML structure within bpmn-js. Parsing the XML is not a big thing, but I think accessing the elementRegistry is the way to go.
Second step: I want to send this camunda:inputParameter to a REST API for calculation. The result is a parameter I want to set as a camunda:outputParameter in the model.
Third step: I want to set the camunda:inputParameter within an UI and forward it to a REST API. I already have the properties-panel in my mind - but maybe I’ll try other aproaches as well.