Cancel creation of element


I’m selecting an element from the palette and then creating it on the Canvas. I’ve created a CommandInterceptor on preExecute to prompt the user for a name, that will be assigned to this element.

If the user enters the name, element will be created. If the user presses "cancel’ on the dialog box, how do I abort the creation of element?


Are you able to share your approach via CodeSandbox? This way it will be easier for us to help you.

I’m quite new to this - I’ve created the sandbox environment but it doesn’t run on it. However, the code is all there.

If you see the code at line 19 - how do I stop the creation of element on canvas if the user hasn’t entered a name in the dialog box?



you can hook into the create.end event with high priority hook in before the element is created by Create.

eventBus.on("create.end", HIGH_PRIORITY, ({ context }) => {
  const { elements, hints, shape } = context;

  if (elements && elements.length > 1) {
    // more than one element created

  const name = prompt("Please enter a name");

  if (name) {
    shape.businessObject.set("name", name);

    // disable direct editing
    hints.createElementsBehavior = false;


  // do not create element
  return false;

Returning false from the event listener will prevent any other event listeners to be called afterwards. This effectively cancels creating the element.

Working example: Set Name on Create Example - CodeSandbox