Can we dynamically rename the element text

Dear All,

Can we rename the text fo an element as we add the color Marker. Main reason is that I want to show the local text in element based on the language selection.

Thanking you in advance.


How do you currently add the color marker?

I created the custom selection box in property panel and then i select color for each element. Later in viewer i show it color based on meta data in bpmn xml

var canvas = bpmnNavigatedViewer.get(‘canvas’),
overlays = bpmnNavigatedViewer.get(‘overlays’);
var elementRegistry = bpmnNavigatedViewer.get(‘elementRegistry’);
elements = elementRegistry.getAll();
$.each( elements, function( key, obj ) {
color = obj.businessObject.$attrs[‘attrib:color’];

	if (color){
		canvas.addMarker(, "color"+color);