Can We Add Custom Element And Shape For Drawing

I’m involving with this issue for months…any idea what to do?
too pressure on me about this

The tooling supports different kinds of popup menus, each of these can be extended by implementing a PopupMenuProvider. As you implement it you must pass the name of the popup menu to extend, in this case bpmn-replace.

Full example for such an extension:

class CustomReplaceMenuProvider {
  constructor(popupMenu) {
    popupMenu.registerProvider('bpmn-replace', this);

  getPopupMenuEntries(element) {
    return {
      alert: {
        label: 'Alert element ID',
        className: 'alert',
        action: function () {
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can we add a color picker on the context too?

Please create a new topic and reference the existing one for further questions you have.

As always, establish relevant context so others can follow along.