Can not edit loaded custom-components

Hi All.Currently i am facing this huge issue of not being able to edit/drag the custom-elements loaded from json file onto canvas.Well,basically i am customizing custom-elements according to my requirements and all.Currently i am dynamically saving a JSON file containing the custom-elements information.Its being saved finely and when loaded the exact positions of custom-elements are being appeard
Well after loading on canvas ,when dragging the custom-elements.error is being appearing in console stating that TypeError: Cannot read property ‘insertBefore’ of undefined in GraphicsFactorty.js line 255.
Obviously its a stack trace and all.upon debugging i have found out that the selected NODE is being undefiend.But on the other hand when selecting any custom-element,i am getting same information as compared to any default component.Moreover i have not being able to find the function for getting current NODE in canvas so that i can debug the issue/bug more easily
Any help in this bug is HIGHLY appreciated
This is the loaded json file containing custom components info.Whenever i tried to drag the elements i got the error

Can you give more context about what parts of the example you changed?

thanks as this bug is resolved

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Hi… I implemented bpmn diagram using react. once i saved the diagram using modeler.savexml function its working fine. but after that again i edit in that same diagram need to savexml file using same function its shows undefined modeler. can we rectify it?

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