Can Minimap dragger / viewport dom be controlled to always show some part of model

We are using BPMN node based Modeler in our application ( bpmn-js/lib/Modeler ) with minimaps. We would like to control the behaviour of minimap and not allow it to drag to extreme left or right to avoid getting the actual model out of view port.

In the image below, we dragged the minimap dragger to right bottom which took the model out of viewport for end user. Now user has no clue on how he can get the model back in viewport. We would like to improve upon this user experience, does bpmn provide a way to handle this gracefully ?

Minimap dragged to right bottom:

Original view :

You’d have to change the implementation of the minimap to achieve that. Not trivial.

@philippfromme Thanks for your response.

We don’t intent to change the implementation of minimap. Any other alternate approach to control the dragging ( viewport dom ) of minimap ? Any event handler / css way ?