Can I override the Group function - Properties panel

Understanding the problem
Hello, I have a very specific use case, where I needed to add a group to the properties panel with a button!


Where when I click on the button I call a custom callback and I am redirected to another page with the properties of the clicked element, This is already working perfectly!

How did I
Using this example properties-panel-extension , I was able to implement it this way

First I created the provider


Then I created the custom part



In this custom part, I pass two more parameters, isButton and callback, where they will be used to define whether a button or a standard panel group will be shown

Group function

These were the implementations I needed to make so that everything works fine


Finally to add the button to the panel, when you have a button


Is it possible to override this Group function, so when we need to update the module we don’t lose the implementations?

Is it possible to override this function in a folder outside of node_modules?

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What you need is to provide custom group header, for your custom button. Is that correct?

Group itself cannot be easily overridden. You could of course ask your module bundler to provide your own implementation of it (using an alias configuration). That is likely the cleanest way to extend it at the moment.