Can I add a UML object into a BPMN-JS diagram?

I am trying to add UML classes in BPMN-JS. I want it to have both a title and attributes (fields) and I do not know how to ‘set’ the ‘rules’ for setting the title and the fields appart and parsing the class to the XML object.

This is what I have

This is what I want to achieve (sorry I only found the example in spanish, its using UML classes)


Can you explain what you want to achieve and why you’d throw UML into the mix to achieve that?

Greetings (thank you for your answer) I want to be able to add UML classes (and link them to a task like the 2nd image)
I also want to establish how it is gonna be parsed into XML

<class Name='title'>
<attribute Name='object'>
<dataType Name='int'/>

I am implementing a thesis project from Dr. Eduardo Diaz from Spain for my career final project (which is using BPMN-js to implement his Extended BPMN theory) one of the rules allows UML objects into BPMN, which is the goal of my question

Not sure why you’d do that. BPMN and UML are two separate notations. That’s why I was asking what is it you actually want to achieve - high-level.

I edited my previous reply to give further explanation.
Is it possible? Or is there another way to reach a similar result?

That context is helpful because my first thought was: Why would anyone do this? So this is about a research project. Is there any information about how a UML class might be represented as part of the XML? Generally, you can add entirely custom elements to bpmn-js (cf. GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-example-custom-shapes: Creating custom elements in bpmn-js that live outside a BPMN 2.0 diagram.), but it’s not trivial.