Can build a flowchart

I want to build a flow chart like the one below. Is there a way to do this using

Thank you and I hope to receive your assistance.

While does not have a specific flowchart modeler, you can use diagram-js to build such a solution.

@barmac Does it support features like BPMN, such as drag-and-drop palettes and creating a context menu?

bpmn-js is based on diagram-js as you can see in the walkthrough: bpmn-js walkthrough | Toolkits |
The general idea behind this is that the diagramming features (including context pad and palette) are implemented in diagram-js while BPMN parts are in bpmn-js.

Could you guide me on how to create a flow chart with Diagram JS? I’ve looked into an example at diagram-js-examples/editor at master · bpmn-io/diagram-js-examples · GitHub, but when I start it, I don’t see the items as shown below.

Currently, when I run it, it’s showing the error below. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I added “” and it worked

Sorry for asking you so many questions.
Could you please provide the documents for creating flowchart shapes using diagram-js? I’m currently relying on the diagram-js-example, but it hasn’t made much progress yet

AFAIK there is no such documents, but you can look up BpmnRenderer in bpmn-js repo to see how shapes are created in the tools.