Camunda properties type issue

ERROR Error: unknown type camunda:Properties
at Registry.push…/node_modules/moddle/dist/index.esm.js.Registry.mapTypes (index.esm.js:518)
at Registry.push…/node_modules/moddle/dist/index.esm.js.Registry.getEffectiveDescriptor (index.esm.js:543)
at BpmnModdle.push…/node_modules/moddle/dist/index.esm.js.Moddle.getType (index.esm.js:768)
at BpmnModdle.push…/node_modules/moddle/dist/index.esm.js.Moddle.create (index.esm.js:736)
at BpmnFactory.push…/node_modules/bpmn-js/lib/features/modeling/BpmnFactory.js.BpmnFactory.create (BpmnFactory.js:71)
at replaceElement (BpmnReplace.js:183)
at replaceAction (ReplaceMenuProvider.js:378)
at PopupMenu.push…/node_modules/diagram-js/lib/features/popup-menu/PopupMenu.js.PopupMenu.trigger (PopupMenu.js:236)
at HTMLDivElement. (PopupMenu.js:384)
at HTMLDivElement. (index.esm.js:359)

I am doing customization in bpmnreplace in this i am getting this error can you please help me

ar custAttr = target.customAtttr;

if(custAttr){"I am here #######");

    if(!newBusinessObject.extensionElements){"Not extensions found");

      newBusinessObject.extensionElements = bpmnFactory.create('bpmn:ExtensionElements');


    var taskextvalues = newBusinessObject.extensionElements.values;        


      taskextvalues = new Array();

      newBusinessObject.extensionElements.values = taskextvalues


    var taskproperties;

    for( var j =0;j<taskextvalues.length;j++){



        taskproperties = taskextvalues[j];





      taskproperties = bpmnFactory.create("camunda:Properties");


      taskproperties.values = new Array();


    var i;



ModdleElement {​​​​$type: "bpmn:CallActivity", id: "Activity_0w89xet", $attrs: {​​​​…}​​​​, $parent: undefined}​​​​$type: "bpmn:CallActivity"default: undefineddi: ModdleElement {​​​​$type: "bpmndi:BPMNShape", bounds: ModdleElement, id: "Activity_0w89xet_di", $attrs: {​​​​…}​​​​, $parent: ModdleElement, …}​​​​documentation: []extensionElements: ModdleElement {​​​​$type: "bpmn:ExtensionElements", values: Array(0), $attrs: {​​​​…}​​​​, $parent: undefined}​​​​id: "Activity_11sf8vo"name: undefined$attrs: {​​​​}​​​​$parent: ModdleElement {​​​​$type: "bpmn:Process", id: "Process_1", isExecutable: false, flowElements: Array(3), documentation: Array(0), …}​​​​incoming: [ModdleElement]lanes: []__proto__:,"I am here #######",newBusinessObject.extensionElements)

 when i am tryig to access newBusinessObject.extensionElements its show undefined but inside newBusinessObject its there do you have any idea how can i get it this one

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