Camunda Modeler - Output to PDF?


Hi… Just completed my first BPMN diagram in Camunda Modeler (for Mac) which I have to say worked great!

But… How do I output anything from that application to be used in a report I am making? There does not seem to be any way to Save As… a JPG or PNG, and there is no standard print functionality, which on Mac usually allows you to save as PDF.

Am I missing something?


DataItems missing? (Data Object, Data Store, Data Input, Data Output)

Hi @mjelic,

At the moment the modeler doesn’t provide the functionality you’re looking for, but we’ll be implementing it somewhere in the future.

What you can do is save the file and import within, where you can export it as an SVG.

Hope this helps.



We could implement PDF export via pdfmake.


I had the same requirement. I started out by adding SVG export. The problem with SVG is that the SVG file does not work properly in most programs. It works in Inkscape but general users should not need any extra programs.

I went for using standard print-out instead. Most (all?) modern browsers/OS have a “Save to PDF”-option when printing. If you use some CSS to hide palette/properties-panel/other stuff using a media-query, printout looks reasonable.


Hello i have integrated bpmn io in out application it has a print functionality, when trying to print the diagram it appaers cropped , this is generated using the overlay example, any ideas how to make it print properly ?


Yeah, that’s the very thing that keeps me confused about Camunda at all. It’s the most convenient modelling software for me with the greatest number of features, but the most inconvenient when it comes to sharing your processes. I export mine following two steps. I export all the data in xml extension and only then do the conversion to PDf with this tool doing so in that fashion also has its own shortcomings, but yet I’d never heard of any other way


Thanks how can input bmpn content to pdf make as here is the code for PDFMake

var docDefinition = { content: 'This is an sample PDF printed with pdfMake' };

// open the PDF in a new window

 // print the PDF

 // download the PDF


PDFMake doesn’T support SVG yet. You’d need to convert it to an image first and then create the PDF. There’s an example on their website: