Button copy, paste, delete element in BPMN

How can i create buttons copy, paste, delete in stead of “ctrl + v” and “ctrl + c” when i chosen one element in bpmn diagram

I’d also be very interested in how to achieve this. I’ve been looking at the repo here, but I don’t quite see what function (or potentially event) I’d have to invoke to trigger copying or pasting.

@hungdaica77 @Adrian
With modeler instance you can access to all events.

        container: '#canvas',
        keyboard: {
          bindTo: window

for copy-paste:

bpmnModeler.on([eventname], [priority], [callback]);

bpmnModeler.on('copyPaste.copyElement', 1000, function(context) { ...... });

That way I can intercept the copy event. But how would I go about triggering it?

@hungdaica77 @Adrian