Build failure with jsdoc on Ubuntu

I am new to this forum, so please excuse if this is too simple. When I attempt to build from source, I get the following error:

Running “jsdoc:dist” (jsdoc) task

An error occurs in jsdoc process:
Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -javaagent:/usr/share/java/jayatanaag.jar
Warning: jsdoc failure Use --force to continue.

If I edit Bower.js to remove the jsdoc task, the build runs to completion. I am also new to bower, so I am not sure how to debug further. I am running with node.js version 4.1.2.

Our setup, specifically jsdoc executed during grunt requires JAVA (honestly I do not know why ;-)). We are going to remove jsdoc from the build so that problem will go out of your way with the next release.

Could you have a JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS variable declared in your system that points to something wrong / not usable?

Thanks for your quick reply. I have been asked to evaluate bpmn, so I am being rather picky regarding errors, although if jsdoc is being deprecated, maybe I should just ignore it :wink:

You were correct, JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS did not look right so I unset it. The jsdoc task then complained about “taffydb” not being installed so I installed it. Now I am getting the following:

Running “jsdoc:dist” (jsdoc) task

An error occurs in jsdoc process:
js: “/home/dlambert/bpmn/bpmn-js/node_modules/jsdoc/jsdoc.js”, line 316: exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: Error: cannot create a doclet for the comment “/** * A modeler for BPMN 2.0 diagrams. * * * ## Extending the Modeler * * In order to extend the viewer pass extension modules to bootstrap via the * additionalModules option. An extension module is an object that exposes * named services. * * The following example depicts the integration of a simple * logging component that integrates with interaction events: * * * javascript * * // logging component * function InteractionLogger(eventBus) { * eventBus.on('element.hover', function(event) { * console.log() * }) * } * * InteractionLogger.$inject = [ 'eventBus' ]; // minification save * * // extension module * var extensionModule = { * __init__: [ 'interactionLogger' ], * interactionLogger: [ 'type', InteractionLogger ] * }; * * // extend the viewer * var bpmnModeler = new Modeler({ additionalModules: [ extensionModule ] }); * bpmnModeler.importXML(...); * * * * ## Customizing / Replacing Components * * You can replace individual diagram components by redefining them in override modules. * This works for all components, including those defined in the core. * * Pass in override modules via the options.additionalModules flag like this: * * javascript * function CustomContextPadProvider(contextPad) { * * contextPad.registerProvider(this); * * this.getContextPadEntries = function(element) { * // no entries, effectively disable the context pad * return {}; * }; * } * * CustomContextPadProvider.$inject = [ 'contextPad' ]; * * var overrideModule = { * contextPadProvider: [ 'type', CustomContextPadProvider ] * }; * * var bpmnModeler = new Modeler({ additionalModules: [ overrideModule ]}); * * * @param {Object} [options] configuration options to pass to the viewer * @param {DOMElement} [options.container] the container to render the viewer in, defaults to body. * @param {String|Number} [options.width] the width of the viewer * @param {String|Number} [options.height] the height of the viewer * @param {Object} [options.moddleExtensions] extension packages to provide * @param {Array<didi.Module>} [options.modules] a list of modules to override the default modules * @param {Array<didi.Module>} [options.additionalModules] a list of modules to use with the default modules */”: Module “catharsis” not found.
Warning: jsdoc failure Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

I am using Arch Linux (kinda like Ubuntu) and was never asked to install taffydb. Building the whole stuff works perfectly fine, too:

Running "jsdoc:dist" (jsdoc) task
Documentation generated to [...]/bpmn-js/docs/api
Done, without errors.

If you are simply evaluating BPMN (and our toolkit), I’d suggest you to

(1) have a look at a stable version of the toolkit, i.e. v0.11.0 (which is the latest version), or
(2) have a look at our examples

Both approaches should work fine.

(1) have a look at a stable version of the toolkit, i.e. v0.11.0 (which is the latest version)
I was using that version when I got the errors (git clone -b v0.11.0 .)
(2) have a look at our examples
These seem to work fine


Nice to hear the examples work for you!