BUG: Copy and Paste of Participant in Participant does not provide an error


  • Create Participant with Start Event + Task
  • Select Participant
  • Copy Selection
  • Hover over the task or event and paste => “elements.paste.rejected” is fired
  • Hover over sequenz flow and paste => Participant is pasted overlapping the original participant


  • Hover over participant and paste => “element.paste” is fired
    => This seems to be wrong since nothing happens. However the Command Stack is raised and filled up with unnecessary events.

The expected behavior would be to fire “elements.paste.rejected” if pasting is not possible.

Please note: The animation will do ctrl + z at the end.

Can you please create an issue on GitHub for this?

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It appeared to be a quick fix so we were able to release a patch version with copy-paste fixed. See v3.0.1