Bpmnlint: Configure Lint Rules

Hello dear friends ,

I have integrated the bpmn js properties panel in an Angular project , and I want to integrate bpmnlint , i was following this link bpmnlint till Configure Lint Rules when i execute this command on the terminal this error is shown

Couldn’t resole it ,
I didn’t get the meaning of this part

I have created a file on my project named .bpmnlintrc

Thank you in advance!

It tells you that the .bpmnlintrc file you’re referencing is not complete:

Unexpected end of JSON input

Please double-check it and spot the error.

Learn more about the format of a .bpmnlintrc here.

I implemented the same code as the link , and re-execute the command
there is no error output but when i run the project i got this


and this a capture from the project


You have to use the bpmnlint-loader to recognize and pack .bpmnlintrc files.

This is documented here.

yes this result is after executing this command line

I have to add the bpmnlint-loader into webpack.config.js and i got the same error ,
PS : i didn’t know where to add the webpack.config.js file on my angular appplication :confused:

As a general piece of advice, please post actual code snippets or links to documentation, not editor or documentation screenshots. Screenshots make it incredibly hard for me to quote / suggest changes on anything you do.

Here is the detailed flow, if you find yourself unable to integrate any of the loaders into your setup.

  • Create a .bpmnlintrc file in your project
  • Compile that using bpmnlint-pack-config into a JavaScript file
  • Import that JavaScript file in your Angular app

That should work, independent from your actual project setup.

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Hello nikku,

Please explain in details, how can i execute

bpmnlint-pack-config -c .bpmnlintrc -o packed-config.js -t es

via bpmnlint-pack-config checkout. and make separte bundle file for .bpmnlintrc

What needs detailed explaination? How to execute that utility via the commandline?

Did you try npx bpmnlint-pack-config?

Before you’d need to ensure you have bpmnlint and the bpmnlint-pack-config installed. So the full CLI command is something like this

npm i bpmnlint bpmnlint-pack-config
npx bpmnlint-pack-config

Thanks nikku for your help :+1:,

first need to install
npm i -g bpmnlint bpmnlint-pack-config

then from your bpmnlint-playground-master git checkout compile .bpmnlintrc file
bpmnlint-playground-master$ bpmnlint-pack-config -c .bpmnlintrc -o packed-config.js -t es

it will give packed-config.js bundle file now you can import this file and css in your angular application
import * as bpmnlintConfig from ‘./packed-config’; or run via angular.json
@import ‘~bpmn-js-bpmnlint/dist/assets/css/bpmn-js-bpmnlint.css’;
Its working in my application.

nikku, need one more help and have one query if i need to compile via bpmnlint-loader through webpack.config.js in angular application
so how can i achieve it?.

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Hy Nikku, when i run npx bpmnlint-pack-config i am getting an error
Error: Could not resolve entry module (.bpmnlintrc).
This is the .bpmnlintrc file

“extends”: [



“rules”: {

"no-manual-task": "warn",

"conditional-flows": "warn",

"end-event-required": "warn",


"fake-join": "warn",

"helper": "warn",

"label-required": "warn",

"no-bpmndir": "warn",

"no-complex-gateway": "warn",

"no-disconnected": "warn",

"no-duplicate-sequence-flows": "warn",


"no-implicit-split": "warn",


"single-event-definitions": "warn",

"start-event-required": "warn",


"superfluous-gateway": "warn"



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