BPMN real-time execution

LiveBPMN.com successfully executes the test suite (https://github.com/bpmn-miwg/bpmn-miwg-test-suite) provided by the OMG BPMN Model Interchange Working Group. You may download any predefined BPMN file in this suite and then injects it within LiveBPMN.com. Photography shows case ‘A.2.1.bpmn’ in action!

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I like this project.

In a nutshell, how do you think does it relate to token simulation?

Hi Nikku. Didn’t know this nice project. In my opinion, “token simulation” and LiveBPMN.com are really similar! I saw that “token simulation” didn’t support inclusive gateways while LiveBPMN.com does… While trying “token simulation”, didn’t find out how to choose between execution paths?
I suppose that “token simulation” reuses the Camunda platform engine? LiveBPMN.com has its own engine based on the W3 SCXML standard and the scion-core.js impl.
Happy to collaborate in the future if any workforce required on the Camunda side! BTW, I intensively use LiveBPMN.com for BPMN professional training: so helpful…

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Token simulation has its own engine, too.

For details you may check out this CCS 2022 talk.