BPMN parsing to Excel or JSON

Hello together

I use the Camunda-Modeler for modelling business processes. These are then programmed by us for our customer. However, I am not a programmer and only deal with the modelling of the processes.

Is there a simple way to create an Excel file with the individual work steps from the BPMN XML? A JSON would also work, just any structured format that I can convert into an Excel file.
Any styling stuff should be removed and only the individual steps and the process (which step after which) as well as comments on the tasks and gateways.

Hi @fabianbaumgartner, welcome!

We don’t have a BPMN to Excel converter or something else. We use bpmn-moddle under the hood to parse the BPMN 2.0 XML to a JSON representation.

Do you already have in mind how the Excel from a process diagram would look like? It could be very complex in terms of loops & collaborations.