BPMN palette composite shapes


I’m getting this kind of data structure

I build my custom Pallete by using this data and getting this kind of Palette


From this moment I get an issue. When i drag’n’drop from Palette to Canvas i get this image

because i use only nm_tag in createAction function in Palette component, so I get Circle or other main part of complex icon. If I use nm_subtag - I get only the inner Image, like filled Circle in my example of data.

Could you please help me to provide the right way to build shapes as my icons on Palette? Which kind of Api i shoud use? All of my components are bpmn:

So you want to create a terminate end event through the palette, is that correct?

That’s right. I do want to draw this shape, image via the palette.

A terminate end event is defined by its event definition:

<bpmn:endEvent id="EndEvent_1">
  <bpmn:terminateEventDefinition />

Here’s an example: https://codesandbox.io/s/bpmn-js-custom-palette-lwwf2

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will try this one now, thanks for quick response.

Thanks a lot for your help