BPMN Modeler connection to Camunda

I am trying to create an application where I would allow users to create models on a web application powered by bpmn-js. However I want to set some core rules and functionalities for these models as how they can be built, what functionalities they can offer and the data they should represent. How would I create these functionalities for it. Should it be in the Camunda modeler? If that is the case then how can i connect my Camunda modeler to the bpmn-js based web application? Will this allow users to create new diagrams with the functionality developed by me?

Some thoughts:

  • bpmn-js is a library.
  • Camunda (Desktop) Modeler is an application that embeds the library.
  • In principal you can use any bpmn-js extension inside the Camunda Modeler, packaged as a Camunda Modeler plug-in