Bpmn-moddle info. are missing on BPMN elements?

Hi. Apart from missing something, bpmn-moddle.umd.js does not let the possibility? of knowing if a sequence is flow is set to default (short line on flow) or conditional (white diamond).
At debugging time, I get an instance of ModdleElement that represents a sequence flow, but there is no attribute/function? to get the status of the sequence flow between: none, default (short line on flow) and conditional (white diamond).
BTW: I’m currently implementing a BPMN simulator.

PS : I have also the same issue with start events for instance, it seems that I cannot know the BPMN type among “conditional”, “timer”, “message”, etc. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP!

Sorry about this useless question! The sought info. about the sequence flow status is within the prior gateway.
So bpmn-moddle.umd.js works perfectly well to provide this data at model processing time.

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Questions are never useless. Thanks for following up and clarifying your case.