BPMN.json Documentation

Hi guys,

I am looking for documentation to bpmn.json , what exactly do flags:

  • isAbstract
  • default
  • superclass
  • extends
  • xml / serialize

Example from bpmn.json:


I am asking , because i try create own custom tasks.

Could someone explain me this ? Thanks!

These properties have the following semantics:

  • isAbstract: Should be instantiatable
  • default: Default property value
  • superclass: Types to inherit properties from
  • extends: Type we extend (i.e. via the BPMN 2.0 extension attributes)
  • xml / serialize: additional meta-data impecting XML serialization of a type

I recommend you to dive a bit deeper into bpmn-moddle as well as moddle-xml, especially the test cases to learn about how to build the meta-model so that it maps to proper XML in the end.