BPMN.js with Vue


I’m trying to intergate BPMN.js withing a vue component, but all I can see is the bpmn.io logo… Has anyone tried it?

Thanks in Advance!

What are you trying to achieve? Where did you get stuck?

Provide us with an example, i.e. via JSFiddle and we’re happy to help.

Thanks ! as it goes my service was drawn in the wrong quad…
Having said that, is there a way to zoom/shift the image?

If you got a new question that has not been answered before in our examples or this forum open a new topic.

As I understood you there is no need for you to integrate with vue-js anymore?

Right, I did so successfully!

Can you show your code how you did that? There is still no example for bpmn-js with vue on git hub. Iḿ new to vue and have the same problem.

We are interested in any input regarding the integration, as we’d like to make an official example available to all our users:

Hey Nikku,
can you tell me were to add the app.less file from the properties-panel example in github?
I am not done with an integration in vue but on my way.

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Hey, any idea by when you will have something?

pretty busi with other programming at the moment. Could take some time.
I guess about 1 to 2 month.

Edit: ther is a good Example at https://github.com/LiaPig/vue-bpmn-demo2

hi, you can find some examples of vue and bpmn-js in https://github.com/KotskinKotskin/camunda-excamad/blob/master/src/components/Diagram.vue

Great! I‘ll try it…

I’ve created vue-bpmn, a library that displays BPMN 2.0 diagrams inside a Vue.js application.

It ships with an example as well as a basic implementation that shows how an integration could look like.

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