Bpmn-js: Viewer - Icon on top of text

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I made some attempts to move the top icon on a UserTask without success. The reason why I want to move that icon is due to be blocking the text inside the shape.

The print shows what I am referring to:


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Where would you want to move the icon to?

I just want to move in order to get out of the front of the text. I would say upd and right just a few pixels. But since they are part of the shape, svg, I donā€™t see how I can do this.

In order to have the text be in front of the icon in an SVG you would need to change the order of the elements in the svg. Elements in svg are rendered in order, meaning that the first element is rendered first, the second is then rendered on top of the first, etc.

There is some change to this in svg2 referenced here.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was looking for a more out of the box option, but it seems the toolkit does not allow that. I will have a look about how deep I need to go.

If I get something to work I will share.


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