Bpmn-js-properties-panel Angular I am getting unknown type <camunda:InputOutput> types


I have followed all the guidelines and included BPMN js in my project. But it is giving me error as shown below. Please let me know anyone what is wrong that I am doing here.


loading bpmn image

I don’t see any error in your shared images. Can you maybe be a bit more explicit? A Codesandbox with your setup would be very helpful.

@Niklas_Kiefer here is sandbox link https://codesandbox.io/s/bpmn-js-custom-modeler-i2gk9?file=/src/index.js
add any task and click on that, on properties panel open input/output and then try to add input properties

Rename moddleExtension to moddleExtensions and everything’s fine.

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@philippfromme Thank you very much