Bpmn-js-nyan use the resizeAllModule in production

Sorry for my english, I’m using the translator.

I am trying to use resizeAllModule to increase and decrease the size of components, in development environment works perfectly, but when applying it in production generates the following error:

main.45a625c77e7be243841a.js:1 ERROR TypeError: i.canExecute is not a function
at 7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1
at Array.forEach ()
at Le.Ie.addRule (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Le.init (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Le.Ie (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at new Le (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Array.u (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at e [as get] (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at 7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1
at Array.forEach ()

from what I saw this error occurs because of buildOptimizer, for resizeAllModule to work in production I believe it will be necessary to use a minified version, but I don’t know if that version exists. Could someone please help me?

Please have a look at here: https://github.com/bpmn-io/diagram-js/issues/353

This topic speaks of a more generic error that occurred in the diagram-js, my bpmn-js is normal functioning due to the minificada version, so I believe a minificada version of resizeAllModule solve.