Bpmn-js mulitple diagram

Hi, I want to know if I can add to the bpmn-js modeler the functionality that appears in this plugin GitHub - sharedchains/camunda-modeler-plugin-multidiagram: Camunda Modeler Multi-Diagram plugin, because I tried to add this plugin the way it appears on the page and tried to add it as an additional module to my modeler and nothing happens (I don´t have a tool bar like the one that appears in camunda, and the plugin is showed in that place). I saw a branch in the github repo named Feature/multiple diagram, but when I bring those changes into my code I didn’t notice any difference. It is possible to achieve this functionality using the bpmn-js modeler?

Thanks in advance

Hi @fco, welcome!

Which branch are you referring to?

The plugin you mention is a Camunda Modeler plugin which we are not maintaining. However, the bpmn-js-extension part could be ready to integrate into a bpmn-js Modeler via additional modules

import BpmnModeler from 'bpmn-js/lib/Modeler';

import MutliDiagram from './bpmn-js-extension/multi-diagram';
import ContextPad from './bpmn-js-extension/context-pad';

const modeler = new BpmnModeler({
  container: '#canvas',
  additionalModules: [ MultiDiagram, ContextPad ]

Did you try that out? Note that the /react part of the plugin won’t simply work with bpmn-js directly, since it was build for the Camunda Modeler environment.

Thanks for the fast response.

Like you mentioned I integrated the extension parts into the modeler, but nothing actually happened (the project still compiles, but nothing has changed when I load a diagram), that’s because the react part you mentioned? Is there another way to achieve that behavior into bpmn-js?

And I realize that the branch I mentioned before is from another people, and it wasn’t merged into the bpmn-js project.