Bpmn-js modeler demo applciation is not working on IE8


Unable to launch the bpmn-js modeler demo applciation on IE8,Getting below general error on the page.

Drop BPMN diagram from your desktop or create a new diagram to get started.
Ooops, we could not display the BPMN 2.0 diagram.


We dropped support for IE (8 + 11). Please switch to a modern browser.

If you embed bpmn-js in your own webpage you may work around missing IE 11 support by providing a number of polyfills.

We do not support IE8. Microsoft does not support it anymore, either.

Hi Nikku,

Thanks for your quick reply.what about higher versions of IE8. Supports IE11?


Yes, we support IE11.

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i use IE11 ,but have error in https://demo.bpmn.io/

We dropped support for IE 11 in bpmn-js@7. The future belongs to modern browsers.

Can you give me a demo that supports ie11? thanks