Bpmn-js in java web applications

Hello there. I am new in bpmn.io, and asking for advice. I have java web app with embedded camunda engine, and i want to give my users a tool for creating bpmn diagrams in browser. Did anybody do something like this? Embedding bpmn-js in java app?

Hi @1118
bpmn-js is javascript library, You can use in html page with prepackaged module or node-style-app and get xml export and process in java or use Camunda Community Platform.

Good luck.

Thank you, @Hadi_Jami
Could you tell me more apout prepackaged module, please? In my app i have possibility to use js-functions, but i didn’t completely understand how i can use modeller…

Your welcome. You can use bpmn-js prepackaged in two way, use cdn link described in [bpmn-js CDN] or build your version with :
command step by step
1- download bpmn-js from github page and extract it.
1- open cmd[in windows] or any terminal tools.
2- go to downloaded directory.
3- make sure install nodejs, with node -v.
4- run npm install --save
5- after download and install all node modules run [npm run all] without brackets to build a prepackaged format of bpmn-js.
6- after bundle all packages with webpack with previous step, you have a dist folder that you can find bundled version of bpmn-js.
7- and for last step, see this sample [bpmn-js starter].

Good luck

@Hadi_Jami thanks! Will try.