Bpmn-js: Create / append anything in preview - Feedback wanted!

We’re currently trialing a new create/append anything interaction for bpmn-js. Give it a try interaction wise on our modeling demo and share your feedback in this topic or on GitHub.

Create/append anything offers a convenient way to add any available element on the modeling canvas:


As we’re still in development we look forward to your feedback :pray:.



Choose next object menu:

It is nice but still a little bit cumbersome
=> interaction sequence (click, click, type/scroll, click, place, release).


Would you consider the following: hovering an object (from the diagram or from the sidebar) [target] over a compatible object [source] creates a link source->target immediately.
=> interaction sequence (click, hover to source, wait 300/600 ms, place, release).

Enclose in pool

The pool works on all flows. So even if you have two flows, both of them will be in the same pool.


It should only create a poll on:

  • the flow the mouse is hovering
  • the flows selected with the ‘lasso’ tool

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Would you consider the following: hovering an object (from the diagram or from the sidebar) [target]

@gvlx Thanks for your feedback! You suggest using the sidebar / palette to connect elements? To better understand: Why would you do that (including a waiting time) if you could do that conveniently via the append menu?


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I personally used the editor to teach BPMN. For beginners this new functionality is great because people record names (service task, call activity…) in mind with the difficulty of remembering shapes for each notation concept. So this may greatly accelerate learning…

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Hi @nikku I’m just wondering is the code available for this demonstration? I was looking at an example of yours on BPMN Editor | bpmn-js modeler Demo | demo.bpmn.io and this is exactly what I’m after - I’m trying to decipher the code using F12 to see how I can implement something similar; having a de-obfuscated example would be a life saver!

Edit - further background on this. We’re using Service Tasks to include icons for software packages, there could be hundreds of applications; having a menu popup when the user wants to add a product icon, and be able to search and select would be super helpful. It could then create the service task with the correct business object info.

Please checkout this project which is integrated in the demo.

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