BPMN.IO Modeler - Diagram is positioned outside by using the zoom in button [+]


On a new diagram, by clicking on the plus sign / zoom in button. The diagram is moving to the top/left corner.

This might be a small thing to solve, but it just doesn’t looks that good to me.


The [+] button always zooms to the center of the current view. What would be your expected behavior?


I understand this seems to be as designed, but on a small diagram, the expected behavior would be to zoom into the view of the diagram instead of to zoom into the center of the page.






Hi nikku,

I wanted to ask there is an update on this?


We’re going to rework our demo some time in the future and may consider your request.


Hi nikku,

ich would like to know, if there is any progress / update on this request?


Hi nikku,

is there an update on this?

Just open “https://demo.bpmn.io/new” and click on the plus for zoom on bottom right corner.
It just doesn’t look good.