BPMN.io Model rendering problem

I just created a model with bpmn.io, but i got the following message
“Diagram may not render correctly due to import warnings”

Any ideas about how to solve the problem and what causes this problemdiagram(75).bpmn (49.3 KB)

Hi chris,

looking at the import warning and the XML, target references of several data input associations are undefined. I tried to reproduce this bug and realized that this happens when a task is connected to a data object, and the task type is changed afterwards (for example to a user task). This causes the import warning.

I created a bug ticket for that: https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js/issues/694

What you could do until the bug is fixed: delete and reconnect all data input associations between tasks and data objects and you should not get the warning.

Thanks for reporting that bug!