Bpmn.io in XWiki

Hello everyone, we are in the final stages of publishing our knowledge management tool based on XWiki. In the future, we also want to enter, maintain and publish our process descriptions directly in XWiki.

We have now seen a thread from 2015 that attempts have been made to integrate bpmn.io directly into XWiki.

Are there any other (and more recent) experiences of how this could work? If bpmn.io could be integrated directly into XWiki, what instructions can I pass on to our external developer? We would like to integrate existing bpmns, create new ones and offer created ones for viewing in an enlarged version (zoom option), e.g. by clicking on them.

Many thanks for your support,


I don’t have experience with XWiki, but embedding bpmn.io tools there should not be much different from a general case of embedding on a website. Please check out our examples: GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples: Examples how to use bpmn-js