BPMN.IO Has become buggy

We’ve been using bpmn.io for a while to edit and create all our BPMN diagram, and it’s been the best tool we’ve found fro the job. In the last week or so we’ve noticed a bunch of bugs that are making it unusable. Has there been a recent update? If so, are there known issues and plans to fix them? We’ve tried a few different files, so I dont think it’s related to a particular file corruption or similar.

  • Routing of connection arrows is poor - initial arrow routes often go through elements. It is then hard to click an arrow to reroute it. Sometimes you then can’t “unclick” and the arrow continues to follow the mouse cursor.
  • Label text adjacent to a signal does not display - can be seen when editing the text, but does not display on the diagram otherwise.
  • Downloading a diagram (especially if something has been deleted) does not appear to download the latest version - e.g. still shows the deleted item.

Thanks for your feedback!

It is your decision to upgrade our toolkits to the latest version or not. Despite high test coverage we cannot guarantee bug free software. No one else can, too. So if you’d like to stick to something that is as stable as it gets but won’t get any new features, stick with the old versions.

If you found particular bugs or regressions (i.e. stuff that was previously working) and would like to get things fixed, please provide concrete steps to reproduce.

Steps to reproduce include:

  • Diagram you use working with
  • Concrete user interactions you trigger resulting into buggy behavior
  • Stuff can be reproduced on our demo

You may tell us about these bugs in this forum or in each projects issue tracker, i.e. bpmn-js/issues.

Your help is appreciated.

I’ve realised that the tool our BAs were using is the demo platform at http://demo.bpmn.io/. I’ve since pointed them at the Chrome app, which seems to be working a lot better for them.

That said, you might want to take a look at the demo system, as it does seem to have taken a step backwards for whatever reason.