Bpmn.io For Angular6


Hi All,

I’m using bpmn.io for my angular project to draw the bpmn diagrams, I’m referring the project developed by narve, now i just want to append/add the name of the event with my custom textbox instead of Properties panel provided by BpmnPropertiesProviders in angular.

can anybody help me out here, I’m Completely a noob for bpmn.io



What are you referring to as the event? Is there any code you can share that showcases what you’re trying to achieve?


Hi Philipp,

I have properties panel on the right hand side by default and there is a name textbox which is used to bind the name of the each bpmn elements,
I want to use the same functionality of the name property textbox to work on my custom textbox which is present inside my modal form, I don’t want to use the right side panel, help me out,



So instead of the properties panel you want a single text box for setting the name of an element? Have you made yourself familiar with how to set properties of elements yet?


Exactly philipp,
I have noticed that BpmnPropertiesProvider.js is responsible for properties panel and binding of the element names, i also tried to recreate the same but i can’t achieve the result, any suggestions



Have you looked into the underlying mechanisms of how to get and set an elements properties?

Here are some hints:

Getting an elements name
const element = elementRegistry.get('myElement');
// or: selection.get()[0] if you want to get the selected element

const businessObject = element.businessObject;
const name = businessObject.name;
Setting an elements name
modeling.updateProperties(element, {
  name: 'FOO'


Thanks for your valuable suggestion philipp, i will try to work on the same.


Hi Philipp,

I’m Using the following method for getting the data of bpmn element name

var selectedElements = this.modeler.get(‘selection’).get();
var bpmnName=selectedElements[0][“businessObject”][“name”];

Now, how can i bind my text box value back with the bpmn element name using similar methods any suggestions.



Hi Philipp,

Thanks a lot its working.