BPMN InterPretation

Hi I want to interpret the bpmn xml to add a new attribute against the task . Should i do it in java or in the front end. Is there any steps for that so that i can refer to

bpmn.io is supposed to work in JavaScript applications, it has no relations with Java. Please prefer some more details so we understand what you want to achieve.

Here is my Use Case .

  1. I will Configure the flow diagram and Save the xml in Data Base.
  2. In Another screen , I will retrieve the saved information from DB and Show it in UI . While Displaying , I need to add background colour to the tasks . The colour will vary based on the status of the task . eg:- Blue for Completed, Green for In Progress.

A similar question was answered recently, maybe you’ll find a solution there: How to add color to BPMN diagram for dynamic XML

Colors in BPMN are handled via bioc:fill and bioc:stroke properties in the di information. The cleanest way is to populate those information dependent on state to the XML before importing it to the renderer so it can render it accordingly.

Thank you :slight_smile: This helps

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