BPMN gates related queries

Hello all, I am new in BPMN just started learning.
I am confused in basic things… or I have some basic questions.
Q1: why we should avoid OR gates in BPMN? (in some books they referred we should avoid OR gates)
any reference or any example.
Q2: where XOR split is useful than OR Split and where XOR join is useful than OR Join and vice versa.
any explanation with example. which i can easily understand. Please Help me out.

Think of the different semantics of OR and XOR gateway. That should answer that question for you.

@nikku I didn’t get. can you please elaborate. that will be really helpful.

What I ment is that you figure out the answer to the following questions:

  • What does an OR gateway do?
  • What does an XOR gateway do?

The difference in execution semantics (OR much more complicated to understand) makes OR seldomly used.