BPMN Color Picker

Howdy Forum,

I am trying to add a color picker in Modeler with which it can be used to color all the elements in a Swimlane.


Color Picker Reference:


Please let me know if anyone has been able to figured out a way to achieve it.


Did you check out this extension? GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-color-picker: A simple color picker for your BPMN elements.

It showcases very nicely how to add such a color picker as a bpmn-js extension.

Thanks for sharing the extension, but while going through the example directory, couldn’t find the ColorPickerModule in it. Meanwhile added the colorpicker-css, and the flow is coming like this.

What about the ColorPopupProvider and the ColorContextPadProvider modules? These are adding the editor controls to set colors.