Bpm and data science

Hello Team,

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I am an IT student specialising in data science career, recently being interested in BPM(Business Process Management). If I am here is to have a help from you on: what are the different ways by which we can apply data science with BPM(Business Process Management)?

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Hello @Christ_Bryan ,

I am happy to help, welcome to the community.
As your question is about BPM, you did probably hope to find BPM and/or BPMN experts here.

bpmn io is a project dedicated to creating user-friendly tools to model and view artifacts related to BPMN.

For BPM, BPMN and process automation questions, please head over to this forum.

However, I will try to answer your question:

There are at least 2 ways how Data Science can be connected with BPM:

  1. Process Analytics: Processes that are executed with BPMN inside a process engine, leave enough data to at least report on them. One product that does this very well (imo) is Camunda Optimize.
  2. Data processing: As data needs to be processed (and this can be very complex sometimes), you could use BPMN to model your data pipeline and execute it using a process engine. I know of at least one case where this is done by an institute. They are processing weather data to create forecasts.

I hope this helps