Boundary Event for ReceiveTask

Simple curious question: in BPMN 2, Receive Tasks may have Boundary Events. However, using the editor, Receive Tasks CANNOT have Boundary Events WHEN (and only when) these tasks are outgoing elements of Event-Based Gateways. The editor suppresses this possibility while other editors tolerate it…
Apart from missing something when reading the very last BPMN 2 specification, I don’t read such a restriction?
Question: can someone confirm this rule in the specification? or is it a simple limitation? Thanks in advance…


In fact, boundary events are not allowed for receive tasks which are connected to an event-based gateway:

Receive Tasks used in an Event Gateway configuration MUST NOT have any attached Intermediate Events.

Based on that, I believe bpmn-js behaves correctly.

Great expert implies great response! Thanks Barmac… is really a powerful BPMN editor!