Block Connecting Objects movability

In BpmnModeler / BPMN 2.0 I would like to disable the movement of elements.

I extended RuleProvider and managed to block the ability to move Flow Object elements:


however, this method does not restrict the movability of Connecting Objects, at least not for me, because ‘elements.move’ is not activated

I also tried to subscribe to the eventBus events of the modeller to see if I could get connecting arrow movability disabling by the ‘element.mousedown’ event, but
the ‘element.mousedown’ event is not activated.


I would like to use BpmnModeler anyway, because I need the other functionality.

Please help, and advice whether the Connecting Objects movability could be blocked in BpmnModeler?

If you want to disable the entire segment move feature, you could pass an empty value in an additional module: blue-cloud-2ywlzm - CodeSandbox