Best way to map last task to send message to other swimlanes

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I hope this is the appropriate forum for my question :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s quite simple and would be used a lot but i can’t find an answer that everyone agrees with.

All I want to do is map the last task in a process as say “send notice” that is emailed to 3 other swim lanes roles in the same Pool and that’s the end of the process. I need the swim lanes that are sent the notice to be represented.

Would anyone be able to advise the correct way to map this ? e.g. Parallel gateway needed to split to each recepient and where the End point is etc

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I’d say the question fits, but you might have better chances over at the Camunda forum, as there should be more users and there’s a specific BPMN & Modeling category.

Without more details it’s difficult to find the best solution to your problem. In general, messages are sent from pool to pool, not from lane to lane. Within lanes, work simply flows, so you might not need an additional task. A parallel gateway could be effective.

Depending on your case, you could use a single task. A text annotation or multiple marker could express the multiplicity of the task. Or you might have to re-model using multiple pools.

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