Basic concepts of


I would like some help to understand some basic concepts of bpmn-js.
For instance, is it only useful if you want to use in a website?
What about if I use the standalone desktop app Camunda Modeler and I want to make some extensions?

I’ve read the examles on GitHub, but how does it really work?
Let’s say I want to create a new gif as a task element to put in my modeler, like this one

What are the steps in details? Downloading the code and then what?

Thanks for you understanding in my newbie’s questions.

Hello @kontrag,

you should check our walkthrough, it will help you understand certain concepts related to our libraries.


Hi @ricardomatias,

I’ve already checked the walkthrough, but I don’t get it how to embed custom extensions in the standalone windows app Camunda Modeler.
Actually, I want my extensions to be deployed by a Process Engine. And as far as I understand, bpmn-js is only for modeling in web environment, right?



I would advice to get your head around several examples first to get a sense of how to work with the library, starting with simple ones and then moving to more advanced.

Also, search this forum for some more specific topics, as it highly likely that someone else have already solved similar issue that you might face.



I’m still struggling to understand how to use all the tools mentioned in the walkthrough.
I’ve installed the pre-packaged version of bpmn-js via Bower.
But, which are the main packages I need to install?
In case I want to download bpmn-js from the, where should I put these folders and files?

Also, how npm works? Do I need an account? For instance, how do I download Grunt, which I see it’s used in many examples?


@kontrag bpmn-js-seed should be the right place for you to get started.

Just unzip and double click the contained .html file in your browser.


I decided to play with again but still cannot get how it works.
I want to create a modeler where I can have some custom elements in the palette on the left of the canvas.
I want something like ‘Custom elements’ example.
How can I clone this project and modify it? I don’t see any “Clone or Download” option there.

I also downloaded the ‘bpmn-js-seed’ code but I don’t know how to proceed.



the custom elements example is part of the bpmn-js-examples repository which you can clone. You don’t necessarily need the seed project to get started. Play around with the custom elements example, try to understand how it works and start making modifications to it.

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